Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Untended Garden of the Heart

"Subtly you lost the essence of my soul and familial heart,
a heart's solitary confinement will always finally seek peace.

You looked to my appearance; my physical expression,
you forgot, my friend, to look to my heart, my soul.

My heart was an anchor to which time had made lucid,
as the waters of solitude washed daily over my scarred being.

My soul cried for you to see! For you to hear! For you to love!
Now I have gone to find my soul, because I lost it, my dear...

I lost this heart and love not from the winning by another,
but rather because hearts are as gardens, and you tended not."


Interesting bit I read somewhere.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lessons from Jonah...

Today I was randomly reflecting on Jonah and his life. But more than Jonah himself I suddenly began to think about the fellow members that were with him on that fateful and dramatic sail across the stormy seas. I began to see that most of us are not necessarily Jonah, but are like the sailors. We are ready to cast lots to blame someone else for the storms of our life, when in reality those sailors were not serving God either! We go about our lives ready to throw "Jonah" overboard, until we realize...we are Jonah!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gray Days....

Today is a terribly gray kinda day. But I like these days where everything seems muted and strangely still; almost sad.

It brings a quiet stillness to your heart; a perfect time for reflections and reverie.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Live Your Life Grabbing the Bull by the Horns.

Life can be lived in two ways as I see it;

You can grab the bull by the horns,

Or you can sit and let it pass you by, albeit.

The latter path is taken by those sitting and looking from the bleachers;

watching someone else wave the red scarf before the bull.

Yet we console ourselves by thinking we weren’t meant to be star-reachers.

We can sit and complain that dreams aren’t worth chasing because of life’s bumps and wrinkles,

We could stop dreaming and striving because it seems far from our grasp.

But living this life to its fullest is worth it all, even if you get the donut with only half the sprinkles.

The sunsets never illuminate nor the water tides come in; the blizzards never snow.

No! Not for those who sit contented to observe and live on the sidelines!

Your skin must warmed by the sun’s rays; waves crash against your soul; your spirit whipped by the wind’s blow.

This is life; beautiful and sorrowful. Wonderful and frightening; everyday wonders lay all around us.

Feel it’s passion to your very core,

or quit pretending that you ‘live’; forget that there is a plus, because your life is a minus!